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Friday 9 March 2018

Strategy : Operator's and Service Provider's interests on vendor space through open communities is remarkable

As the open communities are flourishing around, whether it be hardware or software solutions or platforms or much buzzing term framework. a much needed for the service providers or operators to cope with the disruptive environments for technological advance and selection.

As you can find the flooded memberships and active involvement of service providers and operators on these opensource communities. Recently verizon joined the Linux foundation ONAP and almost made it universally accepted platform for future network management and orchestration, Reliance jio and many others including, no doubt, the ECOMP founder AT&T is already there. Same is true with many other such communities like ONF, TIP . Recently, as per the news from MWC 2018 Cisco issued a major announcement at MWC - Open vRAN, which brings together innovators including Reliance Jio, Intel, Redhat and Mavenir. Open vRAN refers to a shift in base station architecture away from proprietary functions running on vendor-specific base station hardware to open tech for the mobile radio access network.  

Remarkably looking Reliance jio's active interest on open communities and technological insight exploration is unveiling the operators interest into vendor space. As this could be, if not yet, may be in future, but a much needed strategy for them to cope with the disruptive trends in technological advancements. 

It will help the operators or service providers to better decide their road map and relevantly impact the technological horizon as per their need and requirements. 

Open communities also provide a low cost involvement into technology development with required pace and much required coordination too. Also there is much scope to get hands on and thoroughly decide and coordinates on issues like for interoperability and compliance's.

Saurabh Verma
Consultant & Founder
Fundarc Communication (xgnlab)
Noida, India - 201301