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Monday 30 April 2018

T-mobile and Sprint merger- talk of town of telecom carriers

T-mobile and Sprint merger is being talked about with the asteroid falling impact on US economy and consumers, both are boasting each others with their capabilities and capacities those gonna changed the game and transform the combination to stand at 3rd largest, following Verizon and AT&T. They are going to create the 'ultimate network', based on 5G, an example of their mega plans and also to boost the confidence and showcase their strength.

The deal still awaits regulatory approval and raises plenty of questions and speculations, while the $26 billion deal still has to face approval from the FCC and Justice Department.

"This new company would represent more than 90 million retail wireless phone customers in the U.S., roughly one-third of the market", said research firm Recon Analytics.

With the two companies combining their networks, it's possible service on both will improve, in a joint statement, the companies promise that existing customers, with both services, will benefit from increased speeds, coverage, and performance.

There are many talks of the towns, and much expectation and anticipation, in terms of consumer benefits and economical impacts, but any naive guy who is following industry around the globe, must be understanding the emerging games , that could be for survival of industry 4.0  and upcoming technological advances as for 5G.

5G is anyway about scaling up, whatever it be, technology or its performance, capacity, throughput or data rates.. That scaling up is also for business, operation, investment, revenue, comprehensiveness in approaches etc etc.

That is need of hour, nothing to boast here, you can't move into next level of the game if you are not big enough.

Ajit Pai, current FCC chairman, rightly said it's not about number of player in the game as no one can justify whether it should be 4 or 5. The main concern is competitive environment among them and growth and sustainability in the marketplace.

Lets see how this goes up, regulatory authorities are going to be conducive but ball is mainly supposed to be hanging with department of justice.

Saurabh Verma
Chief Tech Consultant & Founder
Fundarc Communication (xgnlab)
Noida, India - 201301