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Thursday 5 July 2018

Cellular and Wi-Fi, “You need them both,” analyst says

Q: Based on our discussion and the discussion you've been having with people in the industry, what's your outlook for the relationship between Wi-Fi and cellular as we move toward 2020?

A: "We are moving in the direction where there will be multiple air interfaces. Depending on the use case, you're going to use a different one. You'll have different IoT interfaces, you'll have WiGig, millimeter wave, you'll have more interfaces rather than less. As we move forward we'll have the ability to put those interfaces together; how integrated they will be is an open question. Even if they're not integrated at the access level, the devices will be able to manage that. I don't see any reason why you need to sort of collapse cellular and Wi-Fi. I know some people think Wi-Fi will eventually die because you have 5G but there's a role for both. It's more than simply being complementary. You need both. Different technologies work differently for different things. Keep it open."

get full discussion with  Monica Paolini, principal of Senza Fili Consulting. 

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