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Tuesday 15 January 2019

Will 6G Explore Quantum Communication?

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#Quantum #physics is entering into #computing and #communication technolgies and future is deemed to be dominated by it.
At #CES19 , #Boingo CTO Mr #DerekPeterson emphasized on Quantum communication for next gen technology like 6G ( as per RCRWireless). Industry is focusing on quantum computing, but there were always many paradoxical issues around quantum physics since the inceptions, now days the concepts under discussion are quantum superposition and quantum entanglement.
In normal view both are magical things, and under the purview of both concepts, if i give you a quantum computer, will you be willing to use it for your business? as there would be a mirror of that running somewhere else too. That is quantum entanglement, i.e. what ever play you run on your computer, there is same available to other in non causal imprints (i.e. no chance of error).
Second thing the quantum communication have no media. As two separate entities, however distant they are, actually One. It means if you find one (or bring out one out of quantum superposition) you already found other, means it preclude all aspects of being found again for other (non causal), as it has oneness with one and only has an opposite face (only way to apply causality is to see them with oneness).
This all seems to be paradoxical to current standards and concepts of communication and computing, as computing is about causality and communication is transmission of information, a medium for causality.
This causality comes with quantum superposition collapse to certain state, where quantum computing will maintain it, but if communication is based on quantum entanglement causality principle not hold, and to hold it theories of 'hidden variable' kind appears, i.e. no media but hidden information for causality that goes along with the entanglement.
Einstein was adamant on causality and supported 'hidden variables' theories, also goes further that quantum theory in itself is incomplete.
its not my area to address this subject here, but as per my little understanding, quantum communication (being of entanglement) is not a communication at all, no media therefore no media synchronization, same clock at both end, no error of data, no re-transmission, no acknowledgement. The speed of transmission is speed of computation.

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