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Saturday 24 March 2018

Huawei Showcased Innovations in Intelligent Network Maintenance at the MWC 2018

From Huawei information 
At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, Huawei showcased multiple innovations in intelligent network maintenance, including risk prediction and prevention, fault self-healing, and assistance for intelligent root cause locating. To address various network maintenance challenges, Huawei adopts emerging digital technologies, opening a new era for intelligent maintenance. Huawei is dedicated to helping operators build zero-outage robust networks.
Huawei robust network service solution applies big data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), and other emerging technologies to network maintenance. This innovative solution predicts and helps prevent some faults. When a fault occurs, the solution provides self-healing and intelligent aided analysis to rapidly identify and rectify the root cause, minimizing the impact on services. Machine learning is used to process repeated and massive data analysis and greatly improves O&M efficiency. This solution intelligently analyzes various historical and live network data to identify risks from multiple dimensions, including hardware sub-health, software running status, network protection, network connection, redundancy reliability, resources and capacity, and service risks. Additionally, special service solutions can be customized based on Huawei's global maintenance knowledge base.
  • This pioneering solution uses algorithms extracted from fault models, including the feature preserving projection analysis algorithm, multi-indicator association analysis algorithm, automatic feature mining algorithm, and intelligent partitioning algorithm. These algorithms are used to complete the practice of multiple prediction and prevention subjects at the device layer, network layer, and service layer. The accuracy of predictions is over 85%, and the efficiency of troubleshooting is improved by over 60%.
  • The solution uses offline training and online learning engines to constantly optimize prediction models and algorithms and continue enhancing a comprehensive prediction and prevention system.
  • The solution implements an intelligent O&M system based on big data technologies, improving O&M and promoting network innovation. It accumulates extensive data on fault recovery experience and network data, to improve predictive and preventive maintenance and network self-healing. In addition, it analyzes the root causes of network issues, helping to constant product improvement.
Huawei's robust network service solution has been successfully implemented and explored in multiple global projects. Through joint innovation, Huawei worked with China Mobile Hainan and used this solution to build an intelligent O&M system based on self-learning to maximize the value of network big data and prioritize preventive maintenance. This project received the Editors' Choice Award 2017 (Mobile Network Innovation Award) from the People's Posts and Telecommunications News Agency in China. Huawei will explore risk prediction and prevention in more scenarios, including 5G, IoT, home broadband, and enterprise customers, and will continue enhancing capabilities in data collection and analysis efficiency, algorithm optimization, and scenario-based fault modeling.
In the future interconnected digital world, robust networks will be the basis for digital service success and a good service experience. Huawei's successful experience in developing innovations for intelligent maintenance accelerates breakthroughs in and applications of key technologies for intelligent O&M, provides a reference for the future construction of intelligent network maintenance systems.

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