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Monday 14 August 2023

An Overview of the 3GPP Study on Artificial Intelligence for 5G New Radio

In this article, we address a critical gap within the existing literature by offering a dedicated treatment of the 3GPP Release-18 study on AI/ML for the NR air interface. This comprehensive contribution enriches the existing works which often confine their scopes to certain areas of the 3GPP study. Furthermore, we also divulge the myriad factors that underpin the process of standardization. Given that the integration of AI/ML within the air interface is a nascent and largely uncharted avenue in the realm of standards development, 3GPP has identified many new challenges and gained novel perspectives during this study. Conveying these learnings from the front lines of 3GPP helps demystify the decisions and is particularly valuable for researchers not directly involved in the 3GPP work.  

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