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Thursday 14 June 2018

The QoS (quality of service) should change to AoS (applicability of service) in NGN.

5G could not be delivered without E2E QoS service management, So current QoS management architecture from LTE networks will not be effective there. We can't put QoS control at the edges of access, but we will have to see things E2E to abstract the QoS concept at application demand level. We propose here cocepts of AOS, that is applicability of service, a QoS demand from application towards service delivery network, E2E.

As 5G is more about 'application defined network'. The QoS (quality of service) should change to AoS (applicability of service). QoS is the network constrains whereas AoS is network demand. New policy architecture is demanding here. This is a paradigm shift from ‘bottom-up’ approach to ‘top-down’ approach. This is about to bring more flexibility, better control and far reaching service assurance, for required Quality of Experience QoE and service delivery.

Such kind of Policy architecture could be aligned with 3GPP efforts of verticalization through Standards for north bound APIs. A Northbound API is an interface between an Application Server (either in a mobile operator's network or external to it - operated by a third party) and the 3GPP system via specified Functions in a mobile operator's network (SDN can make this E2E QoS feasible in real world from AOS point of view).

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