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Thursday 18 October 2018

PHAZR cleared FCC and CE approvals for 5G commercial roll outs of it millimeter vRAN Solution.

ALLEN, TexasOct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PHAZR, Inc., the only US-based 5G virtualized radio network (vRAN) provider, announced today that it has received FCC/CE certification for commercial deployment of its 5G millimeter wave base stations in the US and Europe.

PHAZR's 5G vRAN boasts Cliff ComputingTM, where massive antenna arrays, RF and baseband functions are integrated into a single physical unit reducing latency and eliminating the need for expensive fronthaul. This unique approach of pushing compute into the antenna units enables advanced capabilities such as fully digital Hyperdense® beamforming that packs dozens of beams across a 120-degree sector. The RF front-end is highly programmable and capable of supporting frequency bands in the 24 GHz to 40 GHz range with dual polarized multi-antenna arrays.

"PHAZR is the first 5G solutions provider to be granted both FCC and CE certification for millimeter-wave radios. We are very pleased to receive these compliance certifications, which allows us to offer 5G products for early commercial deployments with customers in the US and Europe," said Farooq Khan, CEO of PHAZR. PHAZR's certification covers operation in the 27.5-28.35 GHz, as well as the 31.8 – 33.4 GHz bands.

Phazr used Radisys gNB software for developing its cloud native vRAN Solution, Solution is said to be rel 15 compliant. 

"We are pleased to have selected Radisys for its industry-leading 5G gNB and vRAN protocol solutions," said Farooq Khan, CEO, PHAZR. "PHAZR is one of the select vRAN providers chosen for early 5G trials and deployments by major mobile operators in the U.S. and in Europe. We wanted to partner with a protocol stack provider that is nimble in rolling out new standards-based features, as well as provide maturity and stability in its underlying engine. Radisys has helped augment PHAZR's 5G solution that leverages ground-breaking capabilities such as Quadplex®, Cliff Computing™ and HyperSON® for large-scale vRAN deployments." 


  • Service providers globally are looking to accelerate deployment of 5G solutions. PHAZR's advanced 5G portfolio is being trialed today by three of the four major U.S. mobile operators with commercial solutions targeted for early 2019. Radisys' gNB software provides key capabilities to enable PHAZR to successfully complete the 5G New Radio trials already underway.
  • The gNB software is compliant with 3GPP Release 15, providing support for millimeter wave and sub-6 GHz frequencies that pairs well with PHAZR's Quadplex® technology.
  • PHAZR is also leveraging Radisys' 4G vRAN  / Evolved Packet Core (EPC) for Non-Standalone (NSA) and 5G Next Generation Core (NGC) for Standalone (SA) solutions.


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