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Friday 7 September 2018

IoT- An Evolution from M2M and the Notion for Everything Connected

The notion of IoT emerged from the earlier work on machine to machine communication or in short M2M. M2M was the beginning to start taking data from devices/sensors and feeding it to internet through M2M gateways, for data processing servers etc. This is known as M2M because there is no human intervention required right from the point of data generations to the point of data processing.
As at time GSMA chief strategy officer Mr Hyunmi Yang, said ""Mobile networks are the platform upon which the M2M industry is being built and mobile operators are at the forefront in shaping the new business models that are driving this exciting market forward,".

Essentially it was about a network of devices, called 'capillary network' connected to ISPs or WAN/MAN through a M2M gateway. The whole enablement of IT is managed through remote connectivity.  
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